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White Ink Printing

White Ink Printing

Why do I need white ink printing?

Generally we print on paper or vinyl. This paper or vinyl is white!

So, if we want to print on clear vinyl we need to print white. Simple. Well, not so, sadly!

White ink printing is considered a dark art. With good reason!

The process of printing with white ink delivers huge gains in colour vibrancy when working with darker media or transparent media such as white decals or stickers.

White ink printing produces stunning images

We specialise in white ink printing.


Under printing with white ink produces punchy, vibrant colours

Under printing is one of the main applications for white ink printing.  This principle is similar to applying an under coat of paint on a wall before applying the final paint colour. It is mostly used when colours are going to be printed on a dark material. The white ink layer is printed first on the areas where colour will be required leaving large areas of the dark material exposed as the designer intended, then when colour is applied to the white layer the colours are vibrant and stand out from the background colour of the material.  A good example would be printing on wood where a section of grain could be seen. This ads much more visual punch!

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