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Hacked Website Recovery

Hacked Website Recovery

At Spacecake Web Design we have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in hacked website recovery.

We deal with all aspects of the damage caused by a hacked website. We’ve helping businesses recover their websites after a wide range of cyber attacks for more than 25 years.

Some of the common attacks our clients face are:

  • Trojan viruses are a type of malicious, deceptive malware. Designed to appear to perform a specific function but in reality, performs a malicious operation. Some trojan viruses can sit dormant within your system until they receive instructions from the host hacker.
  • Unauthorised actions on your system could be the result of a malware attack; a common form of cyber attack.
  • Malicious code can enter your website via PHP injection. A hacker can inject code to perform some operations within the database or access configuration files. Code injection is a common and popular hacker method of injecting malicious code or obtaining data from a website.
  • Browser hijackers redirect to websites the user did not intend visiting and is a malicious malware program.
  • Redirection to other sites is another common cyber attack.

It might be that something feels off with your website or you can see your traffic is being redirected or there are issues accessing your website. At Spacecake Web Design, we can help. If you know or think your website has been hacked contact us for our hacked website recovery service.


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