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Website Health Check
Care Package

Website Health Check Care Package

In these challenging times of enforced isolation and social distancing, you want your website to be at its peak performance ability.

There are many issues that can compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of your website and your ability to reach your customers online. Unseen broken hyperlinks and contact forms lose your business and  leads.

Spacecake Web Design have the solution to support your online business and online presence. A website health check with Spacecake Web Design costs only £149.00 this includes a website hyperlink check; contact form information check; contact emails current and broken images fixed.

Whether you want to move your business online during the current crisis or keep your business current and relevant, Spacecake Web Design are online commerce specialists ready to help.

Broken Links

Check web site for broken links and pages




Emails & Phones

Ensure all email addresses and contact numbers are hyperlinked for ease of use

Contact Forms

Ensure all contact forms are functioning correctly and submitting to correct email address

Missing Images

Check for broken and unoptimised images


Maps & Locations

Update outdated maps and locations





Find and correct spelling and grammatical errors

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